Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Away So Long!

Friends - I haven't posted in so long.  Even now, I hesitate because I can't add a photo.  My computer is broken and the little mini I'm working with can't do pictures.  Or I can't do pictures with it, who knows?!

So - the garden.  So much happened in May.  Got the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in, along with some great herbs.  Started the perennial garden and the berry patch too.  Beans, zucchini and cucumbers are one inch high, and the peas are beginning to flower.

What went wrong - well, I made a major beginner mistake.  My mesclun lettuce patch was up and growing nicely.  I failed to recognize that lettuce is a cool weather crop and it's been in the high 80s this week.  We had one good but small salad, then it "bolted" (went to seed) and now tastes terrible!  Lesson very much learned.  Somebody - probably a rabbit - ate four of the five red leaf head lettuces.

I also had a ridiculous struggle with Burpee.  The absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced.  They failed to ship about a third of my order.  Marked it out of stock on the packing slip.  Some of these I saw get marked out of stock on the website a month or two ago.  Silly me...I thought I got in under the wire. But Burpee just doesn't ship.  They didn't notify or give me the option to change or cancel.  Burpee is under the impression that since they arranged a charge-back (but not until I called) they are doing fine because they honored their guarantee to replace or refund.  I think not!

Next garden task will be to turn under the sour lettuce and the weed patch that came up instead of spinach.  What shall I plant?

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